Master Hand Gun Academy

The Master Hand Gun Academy curriculum is sure to grow your training income at a rate faster than you could accomplish without such a structured training approach.  In over 40 years of training the firearm disciplines I have written, reviewed and modified hundreds of firearm classes.  These eight courses that make up the Master Handgun Academy are the most comprehensive and effective firearm classes available.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would share this body of work that has taken me an adult lifetime to perfect.  It is only after years of commercial shooting range consulting and seeing the consistent struggle of so many commercial ranges as they attempt to grow their training program, that I have decided to share my training system.  On an individual basis we have shared portions of our curriculum with clients and after seeing the success of these few ranges, I decided to put the Master Handgun Academy together.

History has proven the success of this curriculum on an individual class basis and I can only imagine what the total offering will do for your training revenue stream.  I have made every effort to maintain a level of flexibility for you to offer these programs in many ways to suit your immediate needs.  For example this program was first intended to be presented in 8 separate sessions as the MHGA series.  The intent is to offer a different class every 2 weeks for 16 weeks.  The students would pay upfront one fee at registration.  This ensures you get your money upfront providing an immediate increase to cash flow regardless if the student attends all the classes.  An additional benefit is that the start date of the MHGA can be staggered allowing multiple sales and many students participating in the same 16 week period.

This program is also written in a way that allows your instructors to offer the classes as eight independent classes or with very little modification create multiple classes out of the core material provided.  An example would be removing some of the emphasis on precision and by adding more content on firearm types.  The MHGA 100 Precision Shooting Process could be turned into a very good Basic Pistol Class suitable for beginners.

It is my sincere belief that this program will Kick Start your new training program or breathe New life into an existing perhaps less profitable one.

Be Safe…  Ed Santos