Firearms Instructor Magazine: Point of Impact by Ed Santos
Ok, I may as well admit it right up front. I misled you with the title of this article. Many of you thought "point of impact" would be an article that discussed a bullet hitting a specific area on the target. This not the case, but I would appreciate you continuing on with your reading... More

Police Magazine: How To Use A Strobing Flashlight by Ed Santos
I teach low-light classes nationwide and last year I noticed a dramatic increase in students who arrived for my classes equipped with strobe-capable lights. As to the exact reason for this phenomenon, I can’t tell you for sure. It could be the result of the manufacturers’ aggressive advertising, a more economical price point on lights that have this feature, or the fact that strobe-capable lights have risen to the top of the latest “have to have” gear on many officers’ lists... More

Police Magazine: Gaining the Advantage in Low-Light Environments by Ed Santos
There is more to operating in the darkness than knowing how to hold a flashlight. First, let’s look at the eye. The retina—the image transmission center of your eye—contains two types of photoreceptors: rods and cones. The cones provide you with color and detail in the light. In the dark, the rods take over and allow you to see... More

Police Magazine: Making Night Time Traffic Stops by Ed Santos
KNOWING HOW TO USE THE LIGHTS ON YOUR CAR AND IN YOUR HAND WILL GIVE YOU THE TACTICAL ADVANTAGE. YOU are about to initiate a nighttime traffic stop. Subconsciously you are simultaneously considering your own safety and the safety of the driver... More