Managing Aggressive or Violent Behavior In Remote Workplaces Course

This is a three day 24 hour course that is typically targeted to your Physical Security Personnel, Loss Prevention Staff, or On-site Medical Providers but may be offered to anyone your organization tasks with responding to aggressive or violent situations.

Comprehensive in nature this program emphasizes avoidance through early recognition and resolution. Students will learn the strategies to avoid physical harm and learn how to control aggressive behavior through state-of-the-art principals and techniques, as well as escort options.

Incorporated in this program is certification multiple less than lethal techniques which include but are not limited to Mini-baton, OC – Pepper Spray, and improvised weapon techniques. Students will learn to defend themselves, co-workers and family members against a wide range of threats that do not justify lethal force. They will learn techniques known to limit the escalation of conflict or where employment of lethal force is prohibited or undesirable or where rules of engagement require minimum casualties or policy restricts the use of conventional force.

Our Physical Control Techniques section will include the most commonly used forms of personal control methods. Students will be introduced to and practice several types of personal control techniques, which can be applied to protect individuals that are out of control from harming themselves or others in their environment. These techniques are approved by and employed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities' Developmental Centers, private facilities for persons with developmental disabilities and agencies licensed by the Division under N.J.A.C. 10:44A.

Included in this course is a “Company Policy Development” workshop designed to help the host agency develop a company wide Use of Force policy.

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