Range Development

Evaluating the potential of any new business can be daunting to say the least. The prospect of an Indoor shooting range business brings to the analysis and planning process many unique considerations that must be completely explored. The consulting services provided by our team at Tactical Services Group (TSG) are unique in that TSG is a division of Center Target Sports, Inc. (CTS) an indoor sports shooting and training center. In 2010 CTS was named the “Best Shooting Range in the USA” by SHOT Business Magazine and the “Best Indoor Range in the USA” by the Glock Corporation’s Glock Sport Shooting Foundation.

Our company is the most experienced Range Development Company in the industry.  We have been copied many times but never duplicated in what we deliver to our clients.  Our team of professionals that are involved on a daily basis in the management, operations, marketing, training, and logistics of one of the most successful shooting ranges in the country. Our assessments and recommendations will be based on both the current historical status of commercial range operations.
The primary goal of our services is to ensure the development, understanding, and verification of the ideal plan for the successful operation of a modern safe retail and range facility.

A Unique Edge

There are many quality sources for architectural - structural design information, choices in range target equipment, HVAC systems and retail space design. However, we are able to provide unequaled counsel based on our expertise and position in this industry. Our experience has taught us what is necessary to establish and operate a successful retail and range business. We have made a point of not partnering or associating with any equipment manufacturer so that we will always be in a position to recommend without prejudice, the best possible solution for our clients.

We believe our “Three Prong Strategy for Success” package is the most powerful management and development tool available to any prospective range owner. This package consists of modules and services that our clients may configure to best suit their needs. Our complete packages include business plan development and review, customizable employee manual and lead management policy documentation, inventory selection, niche market value and development, business operations and best practices, proven printable custom business forms, QuickBooks specific chart of accounts, real world financial analysis, and much more.

  • Additional Services Available include:
  • Business Location evaluation
  • Demographic analysis to include competition analysis
  • Governmental documentation and regulation needs assessment
  • Planning and zoning process understanding and presentations
  • Plan/Design review
  • Budget development and justification
  • Trades negotiation and recommendations