Home Defense Shotgun

This 8 hour class will clear up any misconceptions about the ability and deployment of the combat shotgun. Students pattern their shotguns and learn to effectively operate and fire under no stress and high stress situations.

Topics of instruction include shotgun safety and responsibility, recoil control, marksmanship skill development, shooting positions, speed and tactical reloading, malfunction drills, target engagements, threat assessment, and shotgun modifications/accessories.

In addition to learning the shotguns attributes, this course will teach you the shotgun's limitations. The student will be introduced to Close Range Engagement Techniques (CRET), reality based scenarios, 360 degree coverage and low light shotgun applications.

A combination of lecture, demonstrations, and live fire exercises will be used to teach the proper deployment of the shotgun from point blank to distances out to 25 yards.

Students must provide the following

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Semi-auto or pumpaction shotgun
  • Weapons mounted flashlight (optional)
  • Sling of your choice (optional)
  • 25 rounds of birdshot
  • 15 rounds of buckshot (low recoil recommended
  • 10 slug rounds

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